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Perth Rock’n’Roll Club

Membership Application

(Complete form, print and mail to address below. Cheques to be made payable to: Perth Rock'n'Roll Club)

Please accept my application for membership as outlined in the constitution of the Perth Rock’n’Roll Club (“Club”).

Name1: Birthday Month:

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Suburb: State: Postcode:

Phone: Date:  

Membership Type  

Prospective members information

Full-memberships are between the first of August and the thirty-first of July of each year. Part-memberships are available between the first of February and the thirty-first of July of each year. All memberships are due for renewal on the first of August of each year.

Full-membership for 2000 - 2001: Single $12.00 Family $20.00

Part-membership for 2001: Single $7.00 Family $11.00

Cheques must be made payable to the Perth Rock’n’Roll Club and posted to:

The Treasurer

Perth Rock’n’Roll Club

C/- 16 Pathfinder Road


Members are provided with a membership card and regular Club activity updates. Membership cards must be presented at Club activities to receive membership entitlements.

Questions regarding membership can be directed to the Club Treasurer, on (08) 9401 9151 or at the address above.